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Updated 5/10/22

(NOTE: I am fully vaccinated and boostered, and my entire household is as well) 

Based on the guidance of health professionals and current industry standards, I will NOT be accepting roles as an intimacy professional for a production unless COVID is under control and/or health and safety measures are in place to protect cast, crew, and audience.

For COVID to be considered "under control," numbers should meet the CDC's guidelines for "low" community transmission," which means the following criteria should be met in the county where the production takes place for the last 14 days: 

  1. Weekly new cases = <200 per 100k

  2. Weekly COVID admissions = <10 per 100k

  3. Staffed patient beds occupied by COVID patients = <10% 

You may check these statistics at COVIDActNow: 
Salt Lake County

Utah County

Davis County

If COVID is NOT under control (community transmission is in the "medium" or "high" categories), productions must meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

  1. Every member of the cast/crew are fully vaccinated (meaning it has been 14+ days since a 2nd dose) and booster-ed. (With more contagious variants of coronavirus, additional precautions should be taken, such as masking during rehearsals.)

  2. Every member of the cast/crew are members of the same household.

  3. Masks are worn for the entirety of the rehearsal AND performance process.

  4. Every member of the cast/crew remains at least 10 feet apart from each other and the audience at all times.

  5. Any member of the cast/crew who are unmasked and within 10 feet of one another must take a daily rapid result COVID test and receive a negative result.

  6. The production is completely virtual.

Please note that these standards may need to be adjusted as new information is available, particularly regarding new variants of the coronavirus. 

Join me in finding creative ways to make theatre responsibly and with compassion for our community. 

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