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If you're a director or teacher, make time and space at the end of rehearsal for actors to have some closure. If you're an actor, you can adapt these practices to do on your own at the end of rehearsal or when you get home. 

work it out of the body: option 1

  • Shake and shimmy your body...just let the wiggles take you over! Include some "marching in place" type movements (the left/right movement helps your body calm down).

  • Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your sternum and take some deliberate breaths.

work it out of the body: OPTION 2
the "step out"

(based on Alba Emoting "step out") (click here to see video if needed)

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart, with the outsides of your feet parallel

  • Look out in front of you onto your own personal horizon (something in the room that doesn't include another person) 

  • Interlock your fingers in front of you

  • Inhale and allow it to bring your hands up and over your head, landing at the back of your neck

  • Exhale and allow it to bring your hands back to your front, keeping your fingers interlocked

  • Repeat breathing and arm movement 4-5 times

  • On the last exhale, bring your body forward so you're bent over

  • Slowly begin to shake and wiggle your body, including legs, hips, shoulders

  • Massage your face with your fingertips while still bent over and shaking your body

  • Allow the shaking of your body to gradually increase until you're up and doing big jumping motions

  • Add some vocalizations as you jump


​(adapted from practices created by Laura Rikard)

  • Out loud, say the following:

    • "As the character of ___, I was feeling/thinking/doing ___."

    • "As myself, I am feeling/thinking/doing ___."

    • "After rehearsal, I’m looking forward to ___."

  • When you're done speaking, hit your own thighs and say "hup!" and then clap your hands once. 

quick re-centering exercises

I encourage you to take the time and space you need to regulate your nervous system and step out of character. But if you need a quick re-centering, or you're unable to do a full closure practice, these things can help. 

  • Place one hand on your stomach and another over your heart and take 3-5 deep breaths into your belly

  • Give yourself a "butterfly hug"--cross your arms over your chest like a vampire or ancient Egyptian mummy, but with your hands resting on your upper arms

  • Rock from side to side

  • Tap your thighs in an alternating left-right pattern

  • Take a moment and observe 3 colors you can see, 2 things you can hear, and 1 thing you can touch

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